How to cure acne painlessly

How to cure acne painlessly starts by understanding what is behind the pain. Acne is an inflammation of the skin’s sebaceous glands, which are in the hair follicles and are responsible for shedding of old skin cells. With time, the glands become filled with bacteria and dead skin cells that block the follicles and cause inflammation and redness of the skin. As a result, pimples form.

There are many ways to get rid of pimples quickly. If you suffer from chronic pimples, there are oral medicines like Accutane and antibiotic medications. These drugs help in reducing the size of the pimples and reduce inflammation. They also help your body in controlling excessive oil production. Pimples may be more resistant to medication if the root causes of pimples like stress and hormonal changes remain concealed.

There are a number of natural remedies that work wonders. You can use crushed nuts for getting rid of pimples. You need to apply it over the affected area. The natural ingredient in almonds and hazelnuts works wonders by clogging the pores of the skin and ridding them of bacteria that causes pimples.

Finally, a moisturizer is essential for your skin. Apply this all over your body and keep it there for at least fifteen minutes after washing your face. A moisturizer also prevents dryness and peeling of skin. You can even choose to use mud mask once a week to prevent pimples. Mud packs can be found in most health and beauty stores.

When you are out partying and engaging in physical activities, avoid acne. This is because some drinks contain alcohol, which can trigger acne. Make sure that you drink enough water during the day so that your skin will not be dehydrated. Water can help eliminate the toxins from your body and keep you hydrated.

Do not touch your face and do not squeeze pimples, because this can trigger acne as well. It is not a good idea to apply too much makeup on your face, especially when you are in the morning and during the night. Make sure that you get enough sleep and don’t forget to take care of your skin before applying too many products on it. Use mild cleansers on your skin because they can remove excess oils from your skin and leave it clean and moisturized. This is also the best time to apply moisturizers such as moisturizing creams to your face so that it stays hydrated all day long.

You must also avoid excess sun exposure on your oily skin. The sun causes excessive production of sebum, which clogs your skin pores and gives oily skin a very bad complexion. Try to avoid going out under the sun at all as much as you can. When you are inside, make sure you use sun block lotion or moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well as taking in some herbal tea to keep your body hydrated.

Exfoliation is also a great way of getting rid of that oily skin. There are various ways of exfoliating depending on what you prefer, but it mainly involves removing the dead skin cells and promoting new ones to replace them. So wash off your face with warm water and then use an exfoliating cream to do away with all that dead skin. This may be one of the simplest skin care tips you have ever heard. It also happens to be one of the most effective.

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